Your Zero to Hero Nutrition: Simple Training Guides for Real People on How to Build the Best Body of Your Life (muscle, strength, exercise, book, love, weight lifting)

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Your Nutritional knowledge is about the go through the roof! You are what you eat. That adage has been around forever and probably causes eyes to roll every time you hear it. In fact, it probably brings back memories of parents, grandparents or family doctors trying to convince you to drop the pop tart and eat some veggies. The funny thing is…they were all correct! Nutrition is a vital part of being healthy and one of the many factors we can control to ensure we keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Being physically and mentally healthy is a house made up of three distinct, and equally important, pillars supporting it. Those pillars are: Exercise, Sleep and Nutrition.

You don’t need a degree in nutrition to take care of yourself and you don't need to know everything about the body, its processes and timing. You are busy being a spouse, parent, employer/employee and countless other titles. You don't have the time or necessity to know all the ins and outs of nutrition. What you do need to know are the basics, what is important, how to put those items into your lifestyle and how to benefit from them by being the healthiest you possible.

Do you want to take back your life starting with a healthy body and height/weight ratio? Do you want to start or get back into lifting but need to understand what is necessary to make that hard work in the gym pay off? Or perhaps you just want to understand more about protein, carbs, fats and what you should eat to maintain a healthy weight. Regardless of the particular reason you are here, I am glad to have you aboard because you have arrived at the right place and you can make your goal a reality. You already have what it takes, I am sure of it. You have already been tested by life in many ways and continue to be tested every day. You have succeeded, and failed in your life… and have the scars to prove it. But guess what? You are still standing. You are still here and have grit and determination whether you realize it or not. Now it’s time to apply that to your own health, fitness goals and dreams. If nutritional information and strategies are what you need, thenYou Need this Book.

Here is a Preview of What You'll Learn…
Protein And the Many Forms it Comes inCarbohydrates and the Misconceptions Surrounding ThemFats: The Good, The Bad and The Truly UglyNutrition Tips for Gaining MassCutting Strategies and Meal StructureWays to Extend Your Set for Maximum GrowthAnd Much More!
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The goal of these books is to motivate, educate and get you healthy. Exercise and eating right are the greatest, most rewarding habits in the world and everyone needs to do them. We are all very busy people with lives full of stress and responsibilities but that doesn't mean for a single moment that we cannot be the healthiest, strongest and most happy version of ourselves possible. If you the reader can take away even a single nugget of information from each of these books and apply it to your life and workouts then this was a total success.

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