Your 44 Rules of Iron: Simple Training Guides for Real People on How to Build the Best Body of Your Life (muscle, strength, exercise, book, love, weight lifting)

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Lifting weights and working out in the gym is the greatest hobby on the whole damn planet. Cites and studies can preach until they are blue in the face about why their activities are the best; The reality is that pushing out the Iron is what it’s all about. Folks who hit the iron are warriors, iron warriors. They come from all walks of life and deal with all the stresses that life can possibly offer, and yet they find a way to get in the gym 3, 4, 5 or even 6 times per week. Lifters are a different breed and the ranks are always open to add true disciples of the iron. The definition of iron disciples are people who are interested in building muscle, getting stronger and being healthier. Period. Sadly, the gyms of today are chuck full of people who “Go to the gym” or "Work Out". What they mean is they travel to their gym, change into their color coordinated clothing, bring up their favorite playlist and proceed to socialize, scroll through their phones, text, chat, flirt and just about anything else other than real lifting. The Iron does not recognize these people.

This book is our creed…a lifter’s creed. This book is written for all the Iron worshippers out there. This book encapsulates our mantra, our philosophy about health, lifting and life. It is the goal of this book that someone who reads this can relate and agree with many of the things described therein. How they feel, how they deal with adversity and why they are just stronger, physically and mentally, than other people.

Do you feel like very few people "get" you when you talk about lifting and the iron? Do your successes and failures in the gym shape the rest of your whole day? Would you like to know that you are not alone when it comes to lifting, eating, preparation, planning and ultimately succeeding in the world of iron? Regardless of the particular reason you are here, it is good to have you aboard because you have arrived at the right place and can make your goal a reality. You Need this book.

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The Mentality of A LifterThe Rules of IronWhy The Iron Makes You Strong in Every WayThe Only Secret To Lifting You Will Ever NeedWays to Extend Your Set for Maximum GrowthAnd Much More!
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The goal of these books is to motivate, educate and get you in the gym. Exercise and eating right are the greatest, most rewarding habits in the world and everyone needs to do them. We are all very busy people with lives full of stress and responsibilities but that doesn't mean for a single moment that we cannot be the healthiest, strongest and most happy version of ourselves possible. If you the reader can take away even a single nugget of information from each of these books and apply it to your life and workouts then this was a total success.

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