Smoothies: The 21 Day Challenge, Step By Step Easy Plan For Weight Loss And Great Health (FREE e-book included) (Smoothies, Detox, Best Recipes, Healthy Body)

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Find Out What A Smoothie Is And What It Can Do For You!
This book will guide you through the process of using smoothies to lose weight. In 21 days, you will be able to lose weight without losing out on essential nutrients that often comes with some very restrictive diets. You also won’t feel deprived when you drink smoothies because they do not really feel like diet food.
The tasty concoctions in this book can contain peanut butter, succulent fruits and even a bit of dark chocolate and still be within your daily calorie limit. You are really not losing out on your favorite food when you go on this 21 day plan for weight loss and good health. You will come out of this experience slimmer and healthier than ever.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…
The Process Of Fat BurningSuper Foods That Do You GoodA Sample Of Some Of The Best Recipes For A Healthy BodyBest Workouts For Every Level of FitnessAnd Much More!

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