HCG Weight Loss Diet Program: Step-By-Step Instructions: How to Succeed on the HCG Diet

Have you dieted again and again? Do you only see minor weight loss results?

Do you sometimes even diet for days without the loss of a single pound or wonder if you are only losing muscle weight? What if you could see amazing results day after day and feel incredible while doing it? Isn’t that the ideal diet program you have been searching for? A diet that actually gives you the weight loss results you are hoping for and deserve?

This ideal diet program does exist, and it is called The HCG Diet.

— What you will learn from this Guide —

What HCG is and how it works.

The results you can expect from the HCG Diet.

When the best time to start the HCG Diet is.

A complete overview of the HCG Diet Phases.

A detailed explanation of the daily schedule during each of the Diet Phases.

Detailed information about the food choices you have during the HCG Diet.

An explanation of the HCG dosage options and how to take HCG.

How to overcome obstacles during the diet.

Information regarding possible health concerns and how to address them.

What to do if you hit a weight loss plateau.

Ideas on what to do after the diet is complete and how to keep the weight off.

Weight Loss Tracking Charts

Body Measurements Charts

Daily Meal Charts

Allowable Food Charts

This book is the actual Diet Guide that is given to weight loss program participants to use as a reference guide on a daily basis. It is not a diet book written by an author to put on a store bookshelf and sell. Please note that it is written and formatted more as a workbook than a published dieting book.